Viral Love (2020)

Viral Love is a very short film offering a compassionate perspective on social distancing.


Monthly Category Winner - Berlin Flash Film Festival August 2020

The Forest and the Trees (2020)

Change is unavoidable—and may be unpredictable. At times, we may feel powerless. When no ideas come to mind for improving a situation, then doing nothing to make the situation worse may be the best we can offer.

An animated short film about successfully navigating change suitable for all ages, The Forest and the Trees presents a story of a determined mushroom conquering strong emotions while journeying through a forest.

The film has garnered the recognition of numerous animation festivals in the US and Europe.

A children's book based on the film is available in English, Spanish and German language versions.


Monthly Category Winner - Berlin Flash Film Festival August 2020

Official Selection - Children's Film Festival Seattle 2021

Official Selection - Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival 2020

Winner 2019 - Short Film Factory 2019

Official Selection - San Diego International Kids' Film Festival 2019

Official Selection - Animation Block Party 2019

Official Selection - Universal Kids Film Festival 2019

Live Long, Dream (2020)

The film is inspired by a lullaby that Dewi Minden wrote for a baby about to be born.

Oliv the Olive in Autobiography in Five Chapters: Chapter One (2017)

Oliv and the Hut on Chicken Legs (2016)

Oliv's Audition (2015)